The project is dedicated to raising awareness of the local art scene in cities across the country. You can count on providing the inside track to the art scene in a city. As much as possible the contributions found in are from local art enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their first hand knowledge of the art scene in their community. We thank them for their support and contributions. Without them this project would not be possible.

Our cities are full of art. Whether you prefer the kind of urban art that can be found in eclectic neighborhoods and reviving warehouse districts or mainstream art found in venerable museums or downtown public parks. It is our goal to inspire you to venture out to places where you can study, interpret and share your thoughts about art. Next time you visit a city, plan an adventurous day exploring off beat art museums, edgy art galleries and quirky artists. Seek famous public art and controversial street art or attend an interesting art fair. We guarantee your visit will be much more gratifying and memorable.

Surround yourself with art. Our goal is to promote the work of artists we feature in If you are captivated by the work of one the feature artists and want to add it to your collection we can put you in touch with them. We will also continue to add new art work available directly from

Whether art is a creative outlet, an expression of deep emotions, a depiction of an important event or just a whimsical social endeavor, we encourage everyone to find the artist inside themselves. We can equip you with the tools to get started. In short we hope the experience gained from inspires you to Study Art, Seek Art, Collect Art, Create Art, Celebrate Art and Live Art.